Thursday, May 3, 2018

RTMP Hosting

RTMP Hosting

Few hosting companies support media servers or RTMP Hosting, first because it is very resource intensive and so needs high end servers but also because not many people are familiar with the management of media servers and if they are it becomes expensive to hire them on a permanent basis.
There is but a few like Red5 Server and Hosting Marketers. Hosting Marketers was the first hosting company offering media servers on they shared plan, it started with Video One costing $9.95 a month and with one RTMP assigned to the account free of any extra fee. The rtmp was from red5, but now for the last 5 years Hosting Marketers is also offering Wowza Hosting which supports RTMP and HTML5 protocols.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Multi Bitrate streaming with red5

It is possible to stream a live event with red5 to different groups of people who have different internet connections with different speeds, for example for a person on dial up to stream to this person a high quality is useless because he will only see buffering, and little of the real video. Using multi bitrate it is possible to stream for dial ups, or high quality.
this is done on the fmle encoder, select more then 1 stream choose the bitrate you want to use and then on the stream name separate the stream names with a semicolon, for example:
then create 3 different players, if on strobe on the video source use:
RTMP + Stream name

this way you will have 3 players for 3 different group of viewers. More can be read at red5 hosting.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Red5 Offering A New and Fast Way to Stream Videos

There is a server created with an aim of providing a means of streaming videos without experiencing delays over a large platform of operating systems, software, and application. The idea was born in the year 2005 used under a Google code while its later version, the red5 version 1.0 was released in the year 2012. Its latest version, 2.0 is licensed under an Apache license.
For one looking for a server that will put him/her on the map, a server that offers the best solutions for video steaming, audio and gaming solutions, the Red5 hosting offers these solutions and more. It is also used for recording live transmissions and it has become a darling of media people, schools, and even businesses. Red5 is a phenomenon that is taking over the market by offering fast reliable and efficient ways of dealing with issues of live streams on the Internet.


To experience the best video streams, live or otherwise, you need to have a multimedia plug in such as the adobe flash player, QuickTime players and other java application, as Red5 is a java application.
Red5 is a powerful server capable for serving large business enterprises regardless of the data they need to back up.
Red5 supports the latest technologies in terms of multi user’s application programming interfaces such as NetStream, Netconnections and SharedObjects.  Apart from this, it has inbuilt programs to help it in the delivery of seamless data, clear videos and audio files even for the most complicated and rare web applications.
It is an open source media server and that means it can be customized to fit the services and needs of each and every customer. This makes it easy to use for any type of business or to watch any types of videos.
It is secure and beyond reproach offering services that you might need such as multi user gaming, video conferencing, and other services needed or performed using enterprise application software.

Advantages of using Red5 servers

Red5 servers offer a lot of advantages too many users; however it is clear that more advantages are experienced by those who use red5 servers to make money. For example if a business is able to reach its clientele through red5 servers and close a deal compared to a gamer who was able to join a game online the business finds red5 servers more advantageous.
·         Schools can use red5 servers for online teaching, a total departure from only listening to the lecturer, the red5 software gives an interaction based experienced where the lecturer and the student can converse, ask question and have a total class like experience. The service allows for multiple students just like a class setting.
·         Video conferencing is essential for international companies and companies seeking overseas interests because they help business owners to talk to clients and potential clients about deals and have their negotiations done real time over the Red5 servers. Apart from securing business for them, it saves them money that they would have used to travel overseas, book into hotels and saves all the time you would have used to do all this making them more productive.
·         Since one can customize the server, he/she can use your own security setting and other video settings he/she might prefer. In essence, Red5 servers give the user full control over the data he/she wants in the server, the extensions, and other applications that the user might allow.


Red5 servers offer services that were only available in the self-hosting sites. They offer new and cutting edge methods of customizing websites by offering owners the opportunity to change all the setting on their website apart from domain.


Red5 Server version2.0 is an innovative product launched in December 2012 as part of an improvement of a six year product which set it apart from other servers because of all the video plug ins and other APIs that allow multi users.